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Bhunimbadi Kwath 200ml x 4 packs

800.00 720.00

Bhunimbadi kwath is a classical Ayurvedic medicines, it's reference in from Bharat Bhaishajya Ratnakar book it's formula is different than bhunimbadi kadha generally available. This reference is specially told for kapha vataj jwara (viral infections), it has been observed that ayurvedic doctors recommend this formula for management of viral and other similar infections like Dengue, Chickungunya and malaria and it shows excellent recovery. 

It is highly recommended to use in all viral infections to increase body's own immune response and cure the disease 

It is vey bitter in taste but it's action is excellent, one should consume 10 to 20 ml twice with hot water

Proven safe for all age groups and should consume it to avoid and to cure viral infections.